3 - 5 Day Cold Fermented Pizza Dough - THE BEST!

There are endless combinations when it comes to pizza toppings and everyone has their own unique preference. On family pizza nights, we try to come up with new ideas and sometimes they get really wacky! But we always start with a solid base. This pizza crust recipe is fail-proof and guarantees that we will have a crunchy soft crust 😉

Disclaimer: it does take a couple days to make, but it’s S U P E R easy!

🍕1kg (1000 grams) of flour
🍕32 grams salt (we use fine sea salt)
🍕1/2 tsp active dry yeast

🍕Slowly add in 700grams room temp water

Mix together until incorporated, dump on counter and knead for 1-2 minutes.

Place in oiled bowl, cover and leave on counter for 12-24 hours. Place in fridge after this period for 36-48 hours.

Remove dough from fridge 4-5 hours before use. Measure out dough in 250-280gram balls. Roll/fold into balls. Place in oiled containers (we like to use 16oz delis), leave on counter for 3-4 hours. Ready to use on your pizza steel or freeze for another day! 

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