Blog - Atlas Steel Co. Baking Pizza Steel

  • The best whisk you will ever have!

    Do you hand mix your doughs? This is the best tool out there!
  • Acacia Wood Pizza Peel, a must have!

    We think Acacia wood is the best wood option for a pizza peel because of how easy it is to clean!
  • Fruit on Pizza?

    Are you for or against having fruit on your pizza?!
  • How to wash your Atlas Steel

    Was your last cook on your steel a greasy one? Did you spill some cheese off your pizza or did some jam boil over? 
  • Bench Scrapers are a must have item!

    Trust us, you NEED a Bench Scraper!
  • Upgrade your store bought Pizza

    As great as a home made pizza is....sometimes, a store bought pizza is a great quick meal option too. 
  • Benefits of a Perforated Pizza Peel

    Our Anodized Aluminum Perforated Peel is such a great option for your next Pizza night!
  • "The best advertisement of a product is it's quality"

    Our steels will last you a lifetime.
  • Cinnamon Buns anyone?!

    Looking for a delicious simple Cinnamon Bun recipe? ENJOY!
  • Baking Steel, for more than just pizza!

    Cooking and Baking with an even heat changes the dynamics for so much more than just your pizza!
  • Heavier than you think!

    "The steel itself is WOW! It was heavier then I was expecting. It’s like a piece of art in itself." - Jenna
  • Different Ways to Cook on your Steel

    What I love most about our steels, is how versatile they are. You can cook with the steels using the following methods: Baking  Broiling Wood-fir...