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  • French Toast with The Gridiron Pro Griddle!

    At Atlas Steel Co, we're all about quality cookware that enhances your culinary experience. Our dual pizza steel and griddle takes center stage in ...
  • Pizza Scissors, Two for One

    Pizza scissors are great for cutting pizzas. Pizza cutters are always an option, but there are some moments when pizza scissors are much more eff...
  • Why You Need to Buy Pizza Steel

    If you love cooking but still don't have baking steel in your kitchen, this blog post can help you decide what to buy.Thin aluminum baking sheets ...
  • What Happens When I Freeze the Baking Pizza Steel

    Our baking steel isn't just made for the oven.You can also put it in the freezer to make awesome desserts.Actually, there are a lot of recipes tha...
  • Why We Should Try Homemade Pizza

    It might feel like a long journey if you have to make a pizza from dough, but making pizza at home is worth trying. Are you tired of fast food pi...
  • Must-Have Pizza Tools for the Pizza Enthusiasts

    ScraperIdeal for slicing pizza or bread dough, dividing pie crusts, or even finely chopping vegetables, herbs, and spices! Moreover, it serves as ...
  • Why cook with Steel

    There are many reasons that people prefer cooking on steels over other items! 
  • How to wash your Steel

    We often get asked how to wash our steel. 
  • More than just tools for Pizza

    When you are mixing a batch of dough together, you know how important a good whisk is! 
  • Cutting Pizza in Style!

    Let's talk about how disappointing it is to not have your pizza cutter actually cut through the crust.
  • Why perforate a peel?

    Our Anodized Aluminum Perforated Peel helps maintain a perfect crisp crust!
  • The perfect stamp for the perfect Burger

    We created a heavy duty 1/2" steel stamp to add the perfect amount of pressure to your Burgers. This is the MOTHER of all burger presses! The handl...