Blog - Atlas Steel Co. Baking Pizza Steel

  • How to wash your Steel

    We often get asked how to wash our steel. 
  • More than just tools for Pizza

    When you are mixing a batch of dough together, you know how important a good whisk is! 
  • Cutting Pizza in Style!

    Let's talk about how disappointing it is to not have your pizza cutter actually cut through the crust.
  • Why perforate a peel?

    Our Anodized Aluminum Perforated Peel helps maintain a perfect crisp crust!
  • The perfect stamp for the perfect Burger

    We created a heavy duty 1/2" steel stamp to add the perfect amount of pressure to your Burgers. This is the MOTHER of all burger presses! The handl...
  • Don't trust your pizza transfer to just any peel

    Our acacia wood pizza peel is the perfect transfer peel for your delicate perfectly cooked pizza!
  • Rockin' the Pizza Rocker!

    There are several options for Pizza cutters. Here is why we love Rockin' with the Pizza Rocker!!
  • More than just a Pastry Board!

    Level up your outdoor summer pizza night with our new Pastry Dough Board!
  • Mouthwatering Smash Burgers on The Gridiron Supra

    The Gridiron Supra is the ultimate cooking tool for any home chef. With its flat steel surface on one side and griddle on the other, this 28lb beast is perfect for cooking up anything from smash burgers to French toast!
  • Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter: A Must-Have for Pizza Lovers

    If you're a pizza lover or just someone who enjoys a good kitchen gadget, Our Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter is a must-have. Get yours today and take your pizza game to the next level!

  • The Power of our Pizza Oven Flame Tamer

    If you've ever made homemade pizza in a gas oven, you may have encountered issues with uneven heat distribution and overly-charred crusts. But fear not, there is a solution to this problem: a pizza oven flame tamer!
  • Perfect Pizza Recipe with The Middle Man Pizza Steel

    Pizza making is an art, and achieving that perfect crispy crust is essential to a delicious pie. One tool that can help you achieve that perfect crust is The Middle Man pizza steel!