Why You Need to Buy Pizza Steel

If you love cooking but still don't have baking steel in your kitchen, this blog post can help you decide what to buy.

Thin aluminum baking sheets are vulnerable to hotspots in household ovens and lose heat quickly when opening and closing the door. Uneven heat distribution often results in certain parts of the baked goods not being perfectly cooked. In such situations, you may have to consider baking each item separately.

Try using a baking steel. Since its made of steel, it dramatically improves the overall strength and heat uniformity of your oven. With even heat distribution, you can save a significant amount of time when baking multiple items at once.

When making pizza, this baking steel will be where the rubber meets the road. You can create insanely crispy crusts and achieve better browning and hole structure, making top-notch pizza right at home. You can even replicate the bread you would cook in a professional bakery oven.

Even frozen foods are not an exception! Heating up the frozen pizza on the baking steel results in a crispier and fluffier texture compared to other methods. Placing it directly on your stovetop also makes it the perfect tool for creating a steak platter.

Atlas offers a variety of baking steel options based on size, with the choice of including finger holes.

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