What's the Differences between Pizza Peels

When it comes to making exceptional pizzas, having the right tools is paramount, and Atlas Steel Co. offers a diverse range of pizza peels tailored to different preferences. Here's a concise guide to help you select the ideal pizza peel:

Aluminum Pizza Peel: Perfect for home bakers, this lightweight option boasts a robust aluminum blade and a wooden handle. It facilitates effortless pizza placement and removal from the oven.
Perforated Peel: Achieve the perfect pizza launch with a perforated peel! The anodized aluminum pizza peel is light, durable, and provides a low friction release while reducing excess flour.
Long-Handled Pizza Peel: With a 7” round head, silicon handle and an extended handle that allows you to reach deep into the oven without risking burns.
Wood Pizza Peel: Gentle on your pizza dough, it won't impart any unwanted flavors or odors to your pizza. This peel is the go-to for serving your pizza direct from oven to table!
No matter which Atlas Steel Co. pizza peel you choose, you're equipping yourself to create delicious, authentic pizzas. Elevate your pizza-making skills today!

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