Must-Have Pizza Tools for the Pizza Enthusiasts

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Ideal for slicing pizza or bread dough, dividing pie crusts, or even finely chopping vegetables, herbs, and spices! Moreover, it serves as the ultimate tool for removing flour from your countertops.

Baking Steel
Steel preserves and conveys heat more effectively than ceramic, and there is no possibility of steel cracking due to frequent changes in temperature. As an added benefit, baking steels are also excellent for baking bread.

Pizza Peel
Essential for launching and retrieving pizzas.
Wood pizza peels are excellent for assembling and transferring pizzas into the oven due to their non-stick surface and increased airflow beneath the dough. However, their thickness can be a drawback when it comes to removing the pizza from the oven.
Aluminum pizza peels are great for rotating and taking the pizza out of the oven effortlessly, thanks to their thin design.

Dough Whisk
Hand whisking allows you to mix the dough accurately without overworking it, resulting in a smoother and lighter final product. Save time and effort while mixing your doughs and cleaning!

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Regular price - From $209.95(SAVE $15.00 CAD by bundling!)

Bundles include:
* Steel of your choice (please choose size in the variations)
* 14” wide Acacia wood pizza peel
* Aluminum pizza peel
* Wood handled bench scraper
* Danish dough whisk

*If there is a different steel you'd like to see in the bundle options, send us a message!

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