Baking Steel, for more than just pizza!

Obviously our baking steels are AMAZING for pizzas.

But did you know that our baking steels are great for all your baking?!

It's true. Baking with a steel will dramatically improve the evenness of the heat. The key is to preheat the steel at the same time you are preheating your oven. 

That way your food will be evenly cooked from the steel as well as from the heat from the oven.

Here are a few items that we have loved baking on our steel:

Breads and Pastries - Thanks to the even baking, the crusts turn out PERFECT!

Steak and Eggs - The large steel surface over your burners makes a perfect griddle! Sear your steaks, fry your eggs etc. 

Have you been surprised by what you can use your baking steel for? We would love to hear from you!


"I am very impressed, it bakes sourdough bread equally as well as using a cast iron Dutch oven and I can easily bake three loaves at a time now. Thank you to the people at Atlas Steel" - Donald



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