Benefits of a Perforated Pizza Peel

Our Anodized Aluminum Perforated Peel is such a great option for your next Pizza night!

There are a lot of benefits to having a perforated peel. Like, getting rid of excess flour, less contact surface for your food and they are not as heavy as the solid peels. 

Getting rid of excess flour from the base of your pizza is huge. If you have ever tasted burnt flour, you know. If you burn the flour in the oven, the oven will fill with smoke (and not the good kind of smoke). So having a perforated peel helps to remove that excess flour for you.

The less contact surface with your food, the less chance of your food sticking. This also helps slide the pizza or food off the peel easier.

Our steels are all known for their weight. Our Anodized aluminum perforated peel is a great option if you are looking for a bit of a lighter weight for your peel. 

Having a perforated peel makes cooking just a bit easier. Check ours out today!

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