Who said you can't grill a delicious pizza in the Winter?

If you have a wood fired oven, are you using it in the Winter? Let's be honest, most people don't because of the cold. 

Cooking a pizza in a wood-fired oven outside in the winter can be a fun and unique experience, especially when surrounded by snow. Consider this more of an event than a regular dinner.

Enjoy the time preparing the wood-fired oven while enjoying a drink with a friend. 

Don't forget, the benefit of cooking a pizza on a Pizza steel is that the dough doesn't actually cook from the heat from the fire, it actually gets cooked by the transfer of the heat off the steel. 

Both our Acacia Wood Pizza Peel and our Anodized Aluminum Perforated Peel worked great, even in this extreme temperature change!

Next time you are thinking about a fun supper idea, try a winterized wood-fired pizza! You won't regret it! 




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